Take back control by learning where you should spend your time and energy.

This online workshop works around your schedule. And it might be the most important thing you cross off your to-do list. 

If you’re a busy, working mom who wants to make the right decisions now so you won't look back on these years with regret, you're in the right place.

We're not here to throw out advice about planners and scheduling hacks. Being the master of a work and family schedule takes serious skill (and problem-solving), and you're on it!

But making more intentional decisions in five areas will be a game-changer for your family. This online workshop gives you the tools and support you need to find a good busy that feels under control and right for your family. To be a mom with no regrets. 



  • A schedule you feel 100% confident is just right for you and your family

    Looking at how others are doing things never quite works (and mostly ends in frustration). We need a better way to determine the right schedule for our unique family.
  • A stronger connection with your kids and confidence that you're being the parent you want to be

    There are a few core decisions about how we spend our time that give us the power to build stronger relationships with our kids.
  • The time to do the things you really want to for yourself and your family

    Um, if this doesn't sound amazingly appealing to you, you're in the wrong place. Bring on the books, Netflix, game/movie nights and quiet morning coffee times.
  • A personalized framework for when to say yes and when to say no

    The key to hanging on to your hard-won balance is making the decisions that recreate it over and over as life changes and schedules shift.

Even though the reasons for creating a schedule that doesn't run you or your family into the ground physically or emotionally are pretty darn clear, the path to actually doing it IS ANYTHING BUT. 


But where the heck do I start?!

Maybe you’ve tried this before.

You’ve committed to having dinner as a family several nights each week or told your kids they can do one activity per season and no more.

If you’re really on top of things, maybe you even uploaded family photos to create albums and created a Pinterest board of home improvement projects, telling yourself you’ll get to those projects in the mystical, yet elusive, someday.

Even with the best intentions, most moms end up with too many commitments on the family calendar, very little down time and a schedule that leaves no time and energy for anything but each day’s tasks.

You can't keep saying you'll get to it later

Moving on. Here’s why most moms assume there’s just no better way than running in that hamster wheel as fast as possible each day.

Without super clear direction on what changes make the biggest long-term difference, and some accountability around trying a new way of doing things, most moms just keep doing what they’re doing.

They fall victim to daily to-dos, just plain exhaustion or overwhelm in figuring out what a better balance would even look like and where to start.

Here’s why this turns into a serious problem. As an already busy mom with kids to drive/feed/help in every way, and maybe even a day job, you can’t just keep pushing through all day every day without paying a price.

Maybe it’s your physical or mental health, or realizing that you’re an inpatient and angry mom way more than you’re the mom you want to be. We only get one shot to do these busy parenting years right, and that means finding a good busy while we’re still in those years where it matters most.

Make your busiest years your best years

Even if there are changes you wish you'd made earlier, there is still such an opportunity for you to jump in and make strategic shifts to create a healthy, just-right level of busy in your home. That is, if you can stop long enough to create a better way of doing things.

Reason #1

Doing the wrong things

Most moms understand the importance of saying no to things – even good things – when schedules start to spiral out of control. But they don’t consider whether there are things they should be ADDING to their calendars to reverse the tailspin. These aren’t just things like exercise or rest, though a healthy schedule does have room for those things. Moving certain things up on your to-do list can directly lead to lower stress and a better perspective.

Reason #2

Worrying about their kids

Being a parent comes with its fair share of worry. What are my kids watching? Who are they hanging out with? Are they kind to others? Am I teaching them the right things? Research points to a couple core things families can do to raise less anxious and happier kids with much less risk of dangerous behaviors. If you’re doing those things, you can let go of some of that mental stress and rest a little easier.

Reason #3

Making so many decisions

The average adult faces about 70 conscious decisions a day. If you're awake 15 hours, you're making a decision every 10 minutes. All. Day. Long. And moms likely face far more daily decisions than average. It's no wonder we're tired! Having a concrete way to know which decisions should merit your mental energy (and which can be dealt with by putting a simple routine or process in place) can help you regain some of that precious brain power.

Shhh...we're going to let you in on a

 Little Secret

Even though moms obsess over the perfect calendar system and troll Facebook and Pinterest for great new ways to create a better life and be a better mom, these are just quick fixes. Band-aids.

They may help for awhile, but eventually the hamster wheel is spinning again full force because long-term change takes a little more effort and a focus on the right things. A new planner or a helpful pin can't dig down to the things that can make a real difference.

But, if you can stop running the race just long enough to put on a better pair of shoes, there really is a "better" busy. A life that doesn't leave you wrung out, grouchy and worried that you're still not doing enough as a mom.

We're teachers. We love it, and we're good at it. Like, win awards and get invited to former students' weddings good at it. Combined, we bring 30 years of teaching to the table. 

We're also moms parenting right in the thick of the busy years. Boys? Yep. Girls? Yep. Tweens & Teens? Um, yeah.


We're raising kids in a world that looks so much different than it used to - a busy world that moves faster and throws more at us every second of every day.

We created the Good Busy, Bad Busy workshops moms who want to do more than manage the family calendar. Moms who make intentional decisions now won't look back on these busy years with regret.

We know you can do it, because we did it.

We're still busy, but it's a good busy. We made changes in five key areas - they were realistic but oh-so-important - and now we know we're spending our time in the right places.

Unlike other things you may have tried, the Good Busy, Bad Busy Workshop…

1. Doesn't see busyness as a problem to be solved
2. Gives busy moms like you the tools and support to create the busy that works best for you
3. Delivers long-term changes instead of surface-level improvements

So if you’re ready to take back control of your time without the fear that your efforts won't make a real difference

Here's how we'll help you get here:

Module 1

Escaping Survival Mode


  • How to create a schedule that feels full and satisfying rather than hamster-wheel exhausting
  • A simpler and faster way to make decisions that will leave you feeling more sure you've made the right call
Module 2

Ditching the Distracted Life 


  • Ways to overcome the #1 reason your mom brain feels overwhelmed most of the time
  • The key to stronger relationships, especially with your kids
Module 3

Cultivating Your Community


  • Why you (and most women) aren't getting enough out of their friendships, and what to do to change it
  • How you're really doing in the three areas needed to form strong relationships
  • Whether you have a strong enough (we're talking potentially life-saving) community safety net in place
Module 4

Finding a Better Way


  • The top way to cut down on stress, overwhelm and anxiety in your life
  • A habit that can help you cope in a healthy way even when life throws you curveballs (because it will)
Module 5

Doing the Things That Matter


  • The most important thing you can do to prepare your kids for a productive and fulfilling life
  • How adding the right things to your schedule will make you feel like you have more time

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Here is our commitment to you.

If you don't feel totally confident that these changes will shift the busyness and overwhelm in your household to a better place, simply reach out to us, show us you did the work and we'll refund your investment.

By the end of these 30 days, you'll have received access to the Good Busy, Bad Busy Workshop and tried out the first couple modules. 

This means you'll have the opportunity to put the workshop to the test to see for yourself if it works.

Enroll in the Good Busy, Bad Busy Workshop today:

The price includes lifetime access to the online workshop and also:

  • Weekly Q&A Facebook lives with Mary & Kristie for six weeks
  • Access to a private Facebook group with other busy moms in the workshop

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Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for Good Busy, Bad Busy Workshop

Paying for this workshop shows a commitment on your part. It’s not a small thing, and the financial buy-in might just help you see it through so you can get the results you really want. If you’re anything like me, when I pay for something, I’m gonna do my best to get my money’s worth.

We chose the online workshop format specifically to meet the needs of busy moms for flexibility. You can choose the time and place, but you don’t lose the benefits of access to the instructors or a community of others students walking through the same process at the same time.

This workshop doesn't give you new hacks for managing your calendar. It digs into five areas that have the potential to make long-term changes to how you look at and make decisions about your time. They aren’t difficult things, but they're also not the filter you currently use for managing your family’s schedule. They pack a big punch. We've seen it happen. Repeatedly.

We love planners – like, couldn’t live without our Google and hard-copy calendars. Those are great ways to track and organize schedules and activities. But they don’t help you decide what activities should go on the calendar in the first place. They don’t let you know what good busy looks like for your family, and when you’re flirting with or full-on dating bad busy.

We’re teachers who love to see a deadline met, but we’re also moms who know that life sometimes just gets in the way. We’re going to release new content every week for six weeks to walk you through things step-by-step rather than dumping everything on you all at once. If you miss a step on the content that comes your way weekly, you will absolutely have access to all course materials even after the 6-week live workshop comes to a close. If you need to go at a different pace, do it. But if you want some accountability to do this thing in 6 weeks, we’ve got you!

We want this to help you, and we believe it will. That's why we're more than happy to offer a money-back guarantee. Try the course for 30 days and show us you gave it a go, and if you don't think it's for you, we're happy to give you a refund.

Of course! This six-week online workshop will walk you through five areas with the power to fundamentally shift your busyness to a healthier place. Research, as well as our experience as moms and college professors, shows these areas to be the source of better and easier decisions on where you and your kids spend your time. That's how you'll ditch grouchy mom status and know you want look back with regrets. You can access the videos, workbooks and other online materials FOREVER. During the six weeks the workshop is live, you'll also get Facebook Q&A chats live with us, and a private Facebook group full of other busy moms.

Enroll in the Good Busy, Bad Busy Workshop today:

The price includes lifetime access to the online workshop and also:

  • Weekly Q&A Facebook lives with Mary & Kristie for six weeks
  • Access to a private Facebook group with other busy moms in the workshop

Join our Spring 2020 Workshop!



Good Busy, Bad Busy Workshop is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You know a busier phase of life is coming and you want to welcome it head-on rather than wait until you have a problem that needs fixing.
  2. You've tried different calendars and to-do lists and they never seem to solve your biggest problems. The overwhelm of much you're managing and the worry that - despite all your best efforts - you're not doing the best things for yourself or your kids.
  3. You're willing to do what you say you'll do, even when it means adding something else to your already busy schedule. Especially when that something impacts your family in a positive way.
  4. In fact, you ALREADY spend hours every week managing time at work and home: Are we free Friday? Can I serve on that committee? When can I pick up groceries? Should we take a vacation next spring?
  5. Finding the busyness sweet spot for your family feels like an impossible dream because nothing you've tried has worked before. At least not for the long haul. And the minute something you try works, a change in circumstances sends you right back to square one.
  6. You know that feeling more in control of your busy household will make you a better mom. And you're excited to get to some things that have been on your to-do list for what seems like forever.
  7. You're ready to do what you need to do to create a better level of busy for you and your family. 

Did you catch yourself nodding your head?
If so, we can’t wait to meet you inside Good Busy, Bad Busy Workshop.

Enroll in the Good Busy, Bad Busy Workshop today:

The price includes lifetime access to the online workshop and also:

  • Weekly Q&A Facebook lives with Mary & Kristie for six weeks
  • Access to a private Facebook group with other busy moms in the workshop

Join our Spring 2020 Workshop!



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