A proven framework for regaining control and making the best decisions about where you spend your time & energy.

Spring 2020 Registration Opens in February! 

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If you’re a busy, working mom looking to take control of your time and know for sure that you're making the right decisions for yourself and your family, then you already know that you need to make some changes.

So, we won't throw out advice about planners and scheduling hacks. Being the master of a work and family schedule takes serious skill (and problem-solving), and you're on it!

This workshop gives you the tools to transform your family schedule into the kind of busy that feels more intentional. More under control. More right for your family. The workshop gives answers to your specific "but what about..." questions from other moms who get it. It also sets you up with the accountability to help you follow through with making changes you know will make such a difference for your family.

We're teachers. We love it, and we're good at it. Like, win awards and get invited to former students' weddings good at it. Combined, we bring 30 years of teaching to the table. 

We're also moms parenting right in the thick of the busy years. Boys? Yep. Girls? Yep. Tweens & Teens? Um, yeah.

MARY & KRISTIE, [email protected]


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