The 3 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to Being Busy 
Without Living in Survival Mode

How to Master Your To-Do List
Without the Constant Overwhelm, Mom Guilt or Spirit Crushing
Question “Does this Hamster Wheel Ever Stop?”

In This Webinar



The Major Mindset Shift

of busy and productive moms who realize there's a better way of making life and schedules work. 


The #1 Way to Keep Your Busy Under Control

that isn't a new planner or scheduling system, because you've already got a tried and trusted system.


The Lesson We Should Steal From Our Favorite Brands

that will make decisions easier because we're using the same strategies that make top companies run so well.


The Single MOST Effective Way To Manage Your Life Without Losing Your Mind

and why you MUST know this to create a long-term solution to your constantly spinning mind and endless to-do list.

"There is a LOT of content on the internet on any given subject, but your blog stands out to me as genuine, thoughtful, research-based, and relatable. I appreciate the “What Does This Look Like” sections to help your readers actually apply the concepts. Bravo! and please keep up the great work."

Adrienne Wagner
About our SALT effect blog

This webinar is a

  • You’re the mom who finds a way to get it all done, but would love a better way to make it happen.
  • You do all the things, but worry whether you’re doing the right things. For yourself. For your kids and your family.
  • You want building a strong (and happy) family to top your priority list even in this busy season of life when finding time to shave your legs can be a challenge.

A Note from Mary and Kristie...

We teach college students and see the young adults that come out of so many different types of families.

With more than 20 years of experience teaching thousands of students, we've discovered what strong families do to prepare students for adulthood with the skills they need to step confidently into their future. 

This new webinar is the culmination of YEARS of seeing the impact of different parenting decisions on young adults. (Oh, and being moms. We have two households full of tweens.)

If you're committed to creating a schedule for yourself and your family that gives your kids a solid foundation and sets them up for success, we can't wait to share how to prioritize the things that will impact your kids the most over the long-haul and help you escape survival mode.